Friday, January 15, 2016

Small Things

 I absolutely adore knit Christmas ornaments, toys, and other small whimseys...but I almost never knit them because truth be told they are kind of a pain.  However, I simply could not resist KnitPick's 2015 Christmas ornament booklet, Adorn.  (I actively regret not having bought their last couple of Christmas collections while they were available.)  I had intentions of knitting more than a few of the goodies in that book, but time and some knitting fatigue were against me.  I managed four of the wee mittens before I was done.
Mini-Mitts by SpillyJane
(If you aren't familiar with SpillyJane, she is very well known for her colorwork mittens, which are fun and modern takes on old traditions.)
Adorn pattern booklet by KnitPicks
KnitPicks Harmony DPN's, size 0, 2.0mm
KnitPicks Palette leftovers
December 6-20, 2016
I gifted one of the cream colored tree mittens to a good friend of mine, the rest of them I kept for myself.  My intention is to perhaps start this summer making more so that I can gift them next year.  I have some ideas for taking the basic pattern and using it as a template for personalized designs!

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Kate (Cathy Johnson) said...

So CUTE!!! You continue to amaze me...