Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our New Favorite Thing

The squeals of delight you heard coming from my house this afternoon were from two little girls opening this week's Bounty Box from the Root Cellar. This is only our second box, and already we look forward to it with great excitement.

This week our box included: corn, onions, beets, peppers, jalepenos, cherry tomatoes, regular tomatoes, Asian greens, zucchini, and locally made whole wheat pasta. One of the things we really love about our Bounty Box is that it includes a newsletter which lists where all of our produce comes from (multiple independent farmers - all within about a two hour drive from Columbia - whatever is fresh and available), as well as recipes for what's in the box.

One of the benefits of having a subscription to the Bounty Box is that you also get a discount on other products and produce in the store on pick up day. We also came home yesterday with a fabulous watermellon for Sean and the girls and a few fresh peaches for myself.

And of course....our wonderful Farmer's Market is on Saturday, so if we need anything else I can pick it up then!

A VERY big thank you to my BKB, Jenn, who first told us about this magnificent program!


Dukkie said...

Tell me more!!!

A Day That is Dessert said...

Wonderful! (and, beautifully photographed)