Friday, July 15, 2011

L'Etoile Chocolate

Gradiance Colorway - Cafe Au Lait

Size 8/0 triangle seed beads - Earth Faire

5 tubes, slate blue lined topaz

Addi Turbo, US 5, 3.75 mm


1. Instead of following the recommendations of the Unique Sheep as to how to calculate the color changes, I determined how much yarn I would need to do the transition, measured that amount from the end of the yarn and worked until I was close to that point. I have roughly 10 yards left of each of the first three colors.

2. Because I wanted to use as much yarn as possible from all of the colors, I added an extra lace band - 6 stitches wide - to the border. Could have made it even wider, but I needed to be done.


1. Because I am frequently asked how much time is involved in the knitting of a shawl, I did keep track of this one. There are roughly 30 hours invested in the center and 24 in the edging. Ordinarily, the edging would not eat up so much time, but as there are six beads every other row which must be added individually via crochet hook I was considerably slower than normal.

2. The ONLY thing I dislike about the yarn was the way the fourth color striped in the border. I tried to figure out how to avoid that, but it striped with every single thing I tried.

3. I've done many circular shawls. This is the first time I've ever put the border on counter-clockwise as per instructions. It was a bit odd to adjust to. Then again, most circular shawls use a garter border, and this one was in stockinette.


DeeDee said...

It is the most stunningly gorgeous shawl I've ever seen. For real.
I die!

margene said...

Brava!! The shawl is amazing, awe-inspiring, and beautiful! Way to go, Kristin!

Bonnie said...

That's the most stunning Evenstar I have ever seen. Your yarn choice, needle size, bead color--in short, every single one of your creative decisions--are brilliant.

Obviously, I don't agree at all with your previous post where you said there's "nothing special" about your Evenstar.

Like a musical score, a pattern only comes to life when it is "performed." Great performers and conductors make creative choices that bring freshness and excitement to the music, making you delight in it anew, no matter how many times you've heard it before.

You should be proud and excited about this FANTASTIC creative achievement!

Shelda said...

It's glorious, Kristin! It's always so fun to see lace "bloom" when it's dressed. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is lovely! I really like the gradation of the yarn here--and the color in general.

Jenny said...

I can only echo what everyone has already said. Parfait!

A Day That is Dessert said...