Thursday, July 21, 2011

Can't Post...Must Knit....

This fabulous yarn is creating
A sock that I could possibly love more than the sheepy socks.

I don't know what it is about colorwork, but my pretty sock is flying off of the needles!

And I'm crazy enough to have started a second pair of colorwork socks....although there is proving to be less contrast in the color than I need. I'll finish the entire toe before I decide. (It's supposed to be a bright purple/green combo...and I didn't realize how much green was in the purple yarn.)

Believe it or not, I cast on a new silk shawl as soon as the last was done. In this weather, silk is the only thing that is bearable to work with when outdoors...which means this is my pool knitting.

More details on all to come.....

Right now I'm anxious to get back to the needles!

1 comment:

quantumtea said...

I love your colourwork! It's one area of knitting I haven't conquered yet, my stranding comes out all tight and puckered, or way too lose.

I'm knitting a hemp washcloth, and that's good hot weather knitting.