Monday, January 17, 2011

Rip And Repeat

It's been a week for mistakes. The first was fairly benign. I just wasn't paying attention when I added that square...probably because the Princess and I were out together for some Mommy-Daughter time.
The second was much bigger...but also was more of a error in judgement issue rather than an out and out mistake. I had started this shawl - Jared Flood's new Juneberry Triangle - on the recommended needle size with some homespun. I liked the way it looked, and figured that I would be sure to have enough yarn this way. To my surprise, I finished the center portion this morning to find that I had only used 2.5 of 8 oz! As I do NOT want that type of leftover, and as I ALWAYS like my shawls to be a bit bigger...I will be ripping the whole thing out this afternoon and starting over with a larger needle. Not sure yet if I'll just go up one size or if I'll be brave and go up two. (Opinions?)

If it's worth's always worth doing right, even if that means starting over.


Shelda said...

Have you blocked a little swatch with 2 needle sizes bigger to be sure the fabric holds up? That's what I would do.

I have some blanket fodder for you!

A Day That is Dessert said...

So true.

margene said...

Go up 2 needle sizes. Lacier is better!