Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Challenge

Home decorating is NOT my forte. And I had become completely bored with this wall, so when we took the Christmas stuff down I decided to completely empty it and start anew.
I'm still staring at a blank wall.
The Green Woman finds this all rather hilarious.

I also still need to do something about the bane of my existence - the plant shelf that wasn't. (It's a long story...suffice it to say that we bought the house just after the foundation was poured, it was one of my requests for the interior...and they completely botched it.)

I'm hoping that by having shared my challenge with you I'll actually do something about it.

At least that's the theory.


quantumtea said...

We got a print from for our living room, if you like Star Wars or the Muppets, his stuff is fantastic.

Bonnie said...

That high shelf looks like the perfect spot for the cashmere stash.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Sometimes you have to sit with the empty space for a bit, to see what makes sense to fill it with.