Wednesday, January 12, 2011

BKB To The Rescue!

I fell in love with the yarn the moment I saw it....a beautiful variegated skein of Malabrigo Sock in what I can only describe as a pickle green. (Really, it's called Turner, but I insist it's pickle.) Add to that the perfect size 6 seed beads and one fantastic pattern - Electra by Rosemary Hill - and you get knitting magic.
(Ok, the color is between the two camera just can't get it right, so you get two pictures.)
Of course, the problem was that I didn't thoroughly read the pattern before I bought the beads. I was so proud of myself for remembering to take the yarn with me to the bead store that I missed one fatal detail....the required yardage. At home, ready to cast on, I pulled out the pattern only to find that I was at least 60 yards short. A call (and a trip in case they were wrong) to the yarn shop dashed my hopes of being able to pick up a second skein.
Devastation galore.
Would you believe I was considering ordering two more skeins? I just could not let go of my plan to marry that yarn with those beads and that pattern!
Then I remembered something.
During a recent conversation, my BKB had told me about some yarn she had purchased. Now, this is actually a fairly common conversation....we just get so excited!....and usually I'm sure that the information goes in one ear and out another. However, I do remember that particular conversation because at the time I had found it very funny to hear how different her description of the color was from my own. In fact, I had been puzzled when she first described it because I had known what the store had in stock and it didn't sound like anything they had. I wasn't sure, but I thought....
So I called, and sure enough Jenn had a skein of Turner in the same dyelot! Yippee!
Long story short, my wonderful BKB went to the yarn store and picked out a new skein yesterday, which I am paying for, and is generously giving me her skein of Turner so that I can make the shawl of my dreams.
EVERYONE needs a BKB like that!


Sus said...

Seriously lucky! Can't wait to see your "pickle" shawl!

margene said...

Grrlfriends who come to the rescue are worth their weight!

Shelda said...

Oh! How cool is that? Fabulous. I'm so happy for you. May your pickle be a work of art!