Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Meanderings

This picture is called, "Caught in the act."
This one is known as, "The Party."

I've been thinking....
The Monday List just really isn't working for me anymore. I'm still a listmaker extraordinare...but I don't know that I want and/or need to use that as part of my blog. Instead, I thought I would change my Monday List into a more general collection of thoughts. Perhaps mini-lists will sneak in...who knows! I want to just see where this takes me for a while.
So here goes...
  • Ordinarily, it's the kiss of death for one of my knitting projects to be put on hold. If I'm not actively working on it - or if it's been sitting for more than a few months - chances are it's not ever going to get finished. Having said that, I officially put the monkeys on hold last week. I am sick to death of the wee creatures, for a whole lot of reasons. Give me a week or so and I promise I'll go back with a happy attitude.
  • I have picked my Town and Country Cardigan up again now that we are post-holiday, and I do need to make some decisions about how to do the sleeves. Good thing I'm going to my guild meeting tomorrow night!
  • My gym put out it's new schedule last week. I'm VERY happy because the yoga class on Saturday mornings got pushed back to 9:30. I know it's just an hour later than it used to be, but that hour makes it possible for me to go...and still get a bit of necessary extra time in bed. (Saturdays still being my sleep-in day.) I went last Saturday, and had a lot of fun.
  • The only problem is that it is definitely 'fitness' yoga, which I define as a type of yoga where you repeat basically the same poses every week with no individual attention and/or adjustment/correction/assistance from the teacher. Before kids, I took Iyengar yoga at a local studio, and I have to admit that I really miss the variety, the instruction style and the props. Ah well. This is what I've got, and so I'm going to try to just relax and enjoy it.
  • Also new on the fitness schedule - Belly dancing at the North location and Polynesian/Hula at my favorite location. I'm so there!
  • Tried out my new running shoes today. Sooooo much better! I've never worn out running shoes before, but now that I know I'll definitely plan better next time. (All of my shoes have to be ordered because of my square feet.)
  • I'm officially training for a half marathon in April.
  • My daily spinning routine begins...tomorrow! Yay! The possibilities are so much fun to ponder....wheel or spindle? which fiber? with intent or intuitive?
  • I'm calming down about the search for a new journal. Why? Well I think I'm going to get a simple Moleskine and dress it up somehow. It might be fun! I've been poking around today on Etsy for ideas, and think this might be what I need to break myself out of the new journal dread.
  • Not that I've been writing much lately. My journal has truly become just a record of my dreams - which are infinitely interesting and always worth exploring. Anyone care to hazard a guess as to why I dream so much about needing to go to the bathroom, but not being able to find an appropriate toilet?
  • No, that's not the most frequent of my recurring dream themes....but it's up there. Also on the list: the family farmhouse in Atherton, Watkins Woolen Mill State Historic Site, flooded roadways, hidden rooms, needing to pack but not being able to get everything done, specific people from my past who have gained symbolic status, desperation over change and tornadoes.
  • I really need some warm slippers.

Enough for now....I need to go find a way to warm up in our chilly house!

Have a great week everyone!


A Day That is Dessert said...

Cute photos! Good luck with your continuing journal search - the moleskine idea sounds good. And yay for signing up for the half marathon! I can't remember the last time I remembered a dream, though I used to always remember them. I should try to start writing them down as soon as I wake up; maybe that would help.

Bonnie said...

I'm trying to decide what party music those squirrels might be listening to...hmm. Good news about the yoga class time change! I'm with you on preferring Iyengar, but yoga of any kind is better than none at all.

Shelda said...

Define "appropriate" as regards toilets . That's a pretty interesting dream theme.

Good for you for making the list work for you.

And I've been looking at that hula class myself. Sounds interesting.

Paula said...

Those critters are amazing, aren't they? I'm talking squirrels, not monkeys. Oh, the monkeys. :( I can empathize, having made the one. She will remain single. Just remember your sweet girls happy smiles and how loved these monkeys will be.