Friday, January 8, 2010

A Good, Long Laugh

When I introduced my January shawl to you a few days ago, I mentioned the fact that I had discovered an error in the pattern thanks to Ravelry. Honestly, I was fairly disgruntled to realize I would have to start over again. This is not - by any means - a quick knit, and I had already put hours and hours into my wee 20 rows.

However, I did in fact lock myself into my room last night when my husband came home so that I could pull those 20 rows off of the needle and start over again.

When I got that bit of knitting free from the needles I started to laugh. Why?

Unblocked, that first attempt was a whopping 92 inches long! So big that I had to get the girls involved in a photo this morning for perspective.
Look, twice taller than the average 1st grader!

The girls are happily playing in the basement this morning, and I'm going to take advantage of some of the quiet time to try to get as much done as possible today. The Green Woman is tired of organizing things, and so she just went outside to gather birds to our feeder as inspiration. I haven't the heart to tell her that we're in a cold snap right now, so she really doesn't need to work to get the birds....but then again if she's outside playing with our wee visitors than she's not inside distracting me with other projects!
And hey, there's some really good news to all of this. Working with a 2.0mm needle is going to train my hands for the Shetland lace I want to do!


fleegle said...

Dear Green Woman--

What a lovely jump rope. Um. Really thin shawl. Erm. Frog leash...

I have been organizing the book around knitting and spinning for lace. So we are together on that!

And yeah, the snow is melting rather quickly.

Bonnie said...

Good thing you discovered the error sooner rather than later! You might have had a house cozy on your hands....

A Day That is Dessert said...

That is an impressive length! And I'm impressed by your perseverance. Happy weekend!