Sunday, January 24, 2010


Most knitters are well acquainted with the curious disease known as, "Startitis." This ailment is largely diagnosed when the knitter begins to cast on multiple projects without rhyme or reason - and often without any hope of finishing any of them anytime soon. It also occurs when the knitter ignores all works in progress for the allure of the new and fresh. Sometimes it can get the knitter in trouble....take a quick look around Ravelry, for example, and you can easily find knitters with more than 20 current WIPs. (I once saw one knitter profile with almost 50 WIPs!)

I, on the other hand, seem to have to opposite illness. We'll call it, "Finishitis."

It began with the red socks earlier this week, and continues with a bunch of other projects which I am desperate to finish so that I can work on other things with a clean conscience. I can't be bothered with other projects until these are finished, and neither my stash or the yarn shop holds any attraction right now. This is my WIP basket. It's not bad, but it could be better. Let's look inside.
Exhibit one: Two Carmen Bananas. As I told my husband yesterday, these would have been a whole lot more fun to knit had I only had to do ONE. I did the ears on Friday and the tails yesterday, and should easily be able to sew up all of the parts and embroider on the details today. Then they will be packed up and shipped off to my Mom, who will be clothing them.
Having finished the tails last night, I pulled out my Botanica Medalion Cardi last night. This project was one of only two projects in my entire knitting life that I've ever gone crazy for as soon as the source material was in hand. I think I ordered the yarn for this less than a week after that issue of Vogue Knitting showed up in my mailbox. (For the record, the other project that I spontaneously purchased and knit upon first viewing of the pattern was my old Elsebeth Lavold Martha - the maternity sweater that's long-since been frogged so that I can use the yarn elsewhere.) I hadn't touched this in months because the cotton yarn is a bit hard on the hands. Enough is enough, and I want to wear this thing this spring. I might even be able to finish it by the end of the month.
My Town and Country Cardigan also seems to be languishing. This was always intended as a long-term project, so I'm not so worried about finishing this one asap. However, I do need to make some decisions about how I'm going to do the sleeves. The original pattern calls for it to be knit in pieces and then seamed, but there's no way I'm going to do that! I just need to figure out how I want to handle the saddle shoulder.
I did frog two projects in the basket. The first was a simple sock cuff that I made in anticipation of a pair of rare fancy socks...but then never knit them. The second is my ill-fated Daybreak. I love the design, and love the yarn, but everything I tried to pair with it for the second color made this beautiful pink turn very little girlish. It was odd. I don't want to waste any more time, space or concern on away they go!
Also on the "Finishitis" list is my second attempt at the Swan Lake stole. No comments - I just want it to be done.
Off to work!


Paula said...

There is nothing wrong with Startitis as long as one contracts Finishitis once in a while. Good knitting. Get those monkeys out of the door and remember to tell your mom what I said about knitting the dress and skirt. The increases look a whole lot better lined up in my opinion.

missliz said...

Yes, I have startitis. Sometimes it is overwhelming, but it can also be comforting. I really don't like to be without a project. With this disease, I always have something to pick up and work on. Love your projects! Can't wait to see them finished!!

A Day That is Dessert said...

:) kind of makes me glad I don't knit. I love those Carmen Bananas!!

Anne said...

It feels so good sometimes to get stuff off the needles, doesn't it?

Shelda said...

Finishitis can be fun. I do that from time to time.