Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Little Weaving Expert

It occured to me today that I have neglected to share with you the results of our Princess's weaving classes. Bad Mom! (Actually, the Green Woman is the one who pointed out my error...granted she pointed it out while dancing around the house waving the finished pieces like flags.....)

And so, with my apologies to the Princess for taking so long, I give you her weaving! Her first project was a beautiful pink table runner, with purple and sage accents. It now lives on the mantle most of the time in a place of honor.

Pink being her favorite color, she carried it over to her second piece - a beautiful rug.
This is my personal favorite, and right now it graces the top of a little nightstand that greets people when they enter our home. From there she moved on to a project which made her father VERY happy - a Halloween table runner!
The Halloween piece was also her first foray into the world of patterns...a beautiful twill.
Her most recent completed project came home with her this evening. She made these pieces on an inkle loom - a loom which I admit attracts even me. The two items on the left are little bean bags, and on the right you see a bookmark. Apparently there are also cat toys from this project as well.
I believe that right now she's working on a treasure bag in blue and pink. From there, who knows!

A big thanks to Jenny, the most wonderful weaving teacher in the world and to Access Arts, which is now one of our favorite places in town!

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Jenny said...

What a great mom you are to take beautiful shots of her artwork. She's a pleasure to have in class and handles all her projects with attention and care.