Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back To The Crafty Stuff

Rest assured, creative stuff has been happening here at Chez Green Woman. Here you see the things that have been amusing me for most of the last new Prairy Rose Shawl and more mini-socks! The mini-socks are just plain fun, and I do need to catch up so that I have a bunch of new ones for my HandWork Christmas Tree this year. The shawl...well there's a story involved that I will tell when I debut the finished object.
Senior Big Stuff was unimpressed with the knitting today. He did, however, like the fact that he had a warm body to cozy up to for most of the afternoon.
FYI - I am NOT one of those bloggers who feels a need to discuss her pets normally. HOWEVER, Tynan is approximately 17 years old and has been on insulin for about 5 1/2 years. He's doing really well, but the average for cats who've been diagnosed with diabetes is only 2 years, so you may see him crop up more and more as he's really on borrowed time. (Watch him make it for another 5 years now that I've said that....) I'm not a cat person....except for in the case of this one particular, personality - filled, larger-than-life cat, who has been with me longer than any one else in this household. So there.


margene said...

Nice pile of knitting and fur. ;-)
We may not think we're into cats or dogs, but once in awhile one will pick you. When that happens you can only give in and love. SBS is a very cool cat.

Bonnie said...

Your cat almost looks like fleece waiting to be spun!

My kitty was diagnosed as diabetic in late August. She's 17 too. Since then her insulin dose has been gradually increased. We're up to 5 units twice a day now, but I don't think it's quite enough as all her symptoms haven't gone away. She'll be going back for another set of blood tests soon. (Wish they didn't cost $120 a pop!)

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thanks for including your cat! You'll be glad to look back on this someday.