Wednesday, May 7, 2008

She's Tempting Me....

Ah, the Green Woman has been very, very busy lately. She's come up with all sorts of crazy ideas, and she seems to think that I need to try new things. Every time I turn around, I find her standing behind me with an excited - and oddly pensive - look on her face.

Why don't you try? It would be fun! She tells me, and I have to admit that I am tempted.

Some of the things she wants me to try are:

  1. Beading. She watched a friend put together some jewelry at my house this last weekend and just KNOWS we should do that too.
  2. Embroidery. God knows I've never been that good at needlework, and she should know it too. So far that's not deterring her. She went to work on my 5-year-old, and now the Princess wants to do this too.
  3. Felt, with either sheets of wool felt or recycled sweaters. She's shoved several books off of the shelf at the book store to show me how wonderful this could be.
  4. Sewing. OK, so I did let her tempt me into purchasing some material for a few new skirts.
  5. Crochet. She recruited my husband with this one. They both think I could do really cool things if I could crochet.
  6. Toy making, as a subset of several other types of handwork. She thinks I need more fun in my life.
  7. Glass beads. As in using a torch and molten hot glass to make beads. I know, this one is just plain nuts.

1 comment:

Jackie said...

They all sound good to me. But then, I have boxes full of fabric under the bed, a bin full of beads and wire in the closet, spindles scattered randomly through the house, and these big ideas for making a needle-felted jacket...

Hey, why is your green woman standing in my closet?