Saturday, May 3, 2008

Honey, Why Is There Yarn All Over Our Bed?

This is my entire stash. Clockwise from the top right corner you can see my fiber in three containers, the leftover bin, the yarn without projects, a couple of sweaters to be frogged (one made by my Mom), current WIPs stored in baggies, my cat, a small basket of yarn for gift projects next to a bowl that hold the handspun laceweight and some silk fiber and the yarn for projects for myself. Oh, and that green basket in the middle has more WIPs. The bookshelf to the left holds all of my knitting books. It's completely full.

I will fess up to doing this at least once a month. Why? Bunch of reasons.
  1. I like to be able to see it all in one place.
  2. It allows me to organize my projects by prioritizing the projects I already have in mind, assigning yarn for future projects and sometimes by dumping projects when I've lost interest.
  3. Having it all in the open reminds me that I don't need to buy anything else.
  4. Along with #3, I can dream up new ideas for old yarn.
  5. Occasionally I decide to destash some of it, and by doing this type of organization fairly often I learn what's important to me and what isn't.
  6. When I'm feeling generous, I let my eldest pick out yarn and a pattern for Mommy to make.
  7. I'm a tad OCD.
  8. I took a nap with my stash last month, and it was fun. (The fiber stayed in the closet.)

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Paula said...

Enjoyed reading your blog! It was fun seeing your stash all laid out on the bed. That's sweet that you allow your daughter to choose a yarn and project. See you on Ravelry.