Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Epiphany

Several nights ago I had a rather disastrous visit from the insomnia monster. Long, boring story short - I only managed two hours of sleep that night. Consequently, I've been a bit off since then.

The nice thing about being tired, though, is that sometimes I have random little epiphanies which can be quite enlightening. My theory is that my brain is only quiet enough to let these little gems through when I am that tired. (Ask brain is normally on hyper drive.)

So yesterday I was browsing through some websites, looking mostly at Shetland lace and Fair Isle work. I've always been keenly attracted to both, marveling at the technical details and the skill that goes into such traditional work. The lace in particular is just so beautiful!

At any rate, as I was browsing I had a lazy question meander into my head. I wondered, "Why is it that I like Shetland knitting so very, very much?"

Just like that, the answer popped into my head. Ask and you shall receive!

Shetland knitting is my favorite because I had a Shetland pony when I was a child.

Doesn't have to make sense to be true.


Shelda said...

Giggle! I love it. That is too good. Aren't epiphanies grand?

Paula said...

It's as good an explanation as any. Just what you needed before your drive on Friday...a nearly sleepless night!