Saturday, May 17, 2008

Notes About This Week

It's been a really, really busy week. Our schedule was full, and my husband was out of town for several days because of a business trip. Here are a few things that were important enough to comment on.
  1. The Pixie turned 2 on Monday. We had a fantastic birthday party that evening, and I'm happy to say that she had a great time. We had four of the grandparents, tacos, balloons and a Tigger cake - everything a little girl could want!
  2. If you should ever order a largish toy online, be sure to check out the dimensions. The playhut I ordered for the Pixie turned out rather larger than I expected, and takes up most of my living room.
  3. Good friends are those who call you out when you are being silly. Wed. AM I went for a walk with two of my best friends, and when I told them how unhappy I was with how the Tigger cake had turned out (Yep, I'm a perfectionist.), I received a lecture from both about how ridiculous I was being. They were right. Thank you!
  4. Tuesday night the girls and I went to the Princess's school picnic. The children chose the Johnny Appleseed blessing, which is a favorite of mine and one that we sing at home often. As the song began, I had to step back into the classroom to cry. It was just so beautiful to hear so many voices singing it together.
  5. Having a school picnic in the school is actually a wonderful thing - especially when having to chase two children by yourself.
  6. Speaking of the school, we are really lucky to have found this preschool. After running headlong into a neighborhood clique last weekend, I am especially grateful for the friendliness of all of the other parents there. I made it a point this week to tell several of the other moms how much I appreciated them.
  7. The Pixie participated in a study with the Emotional Development Lab at a local university this week. It was pretty funny. I could have told them exactly how she would react to each of the six tests. Suffice it to say that she's a very normal child with very normal reactions to new situations and people. Oh, and giant spiders rigged to remote control cars are very, very scary.
  8. There is nothing funnier than listening to two 5 year olds visiting during a playdate.
  9. The Princess and I made bracelets for her grandmothers for Mother's Day. I tried very hard to guide her in selecting more 'grown up' beads, but she is very strong in her opinions. Nevertheless, the grandmothers were all delighted.
  10. My mother-in-law is a very sweet woman. She invited the girls over last week, supposedly just to spend time together. I had a wonderful two hours to myself and a quiet lunch with my husband. Little did I know, my MIL had a plan. She helped the girls put together a scrapbook for me for Mother's Day. It was perfect, and is probably the best gift I've ever been given. Later she even gave me pictures of the girls working on it.
  11. I haven't done much in the way of creative anything this week. Instead, I read a book and let my batteries recharge a bit. In a way I feel a bit lazy because of it, but I also know I need to do this from time to time.
  12. Today I am knitting again.

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