Friday, May 23, 2008

Proof of Creativity

These are the Mother's Day gifts that the Princess made for two of her grandmothers and her grammie-great. There is actually a fourth, but we didn't manage a picture! I tried very hard to influence her choice of beads, but my Princess is a very opinionated girl who makes up her mind and then stands by it. My mother says I deserve that.

I absolutely love these simple strands of wooden beads. They were my first beading project, made to go with my Zulu Grass.
When I went bead shopping for the first time, I fell head over heels in love with the display full of wooden beads and shells. Funny, I've never really been attracted to either before, and now I can't get enough!
The Princess and I designed the necklace and bracelet on the left. A few days later I convinced her to make a matching necklace for the Pixie as she wanted to give her sister a birthday gift, and the result was the necklace on the far right. I decided that I wanted in on the fun, and made myself the last one. Right now they are just strung on a simple stretchy band, but I may restring them on something more durable this weekend.

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