Thursday, October 7, 2010

She's Back! And She Brought A List....

This is apropos of nothing, except for that it made me happy this morning. I pulled out my favorite poison green shirt, and promptly discovered that it went VERY well with my new shoes (Keene's), blue jeans and my Damsen shawl. Serendipity indeed as I had been worried that that shawl wouldn't go with anything I owned as it's quite out of my range of normal colors.
Of course, when I grabbed my knitting bag/purse to run some errands I almost had to laugh at how matchy-matchy I was!
At any rate, the Green Woman has reappeared and life is getting back to normal. When she showed up on my doorstep she was carrying a bag which held this dark charcoal wool (It's a lot darker in person.), and she had a plan. I actually have to agree with her on this one...much as I don't like knitting them I do need a new pair of slippers and there's nothing better than felted clogs! Of course, the Green Woman being the Green Woman, she has a plan to make them a bit more interesting....
Once she was sure I was on board, we went downstairs to pick out our next spinning project.
Yes, I'm completely in love with Greenwood Fiberworks. This time I'll be spinning 8 oz. of merino in Caroline's Watercolor series - which if I understand it right is her method of using up leftover dyes, and so the resulting colors are one-offs.
I really haven't gotten very far with the merino, though, because....
Most of my time is being firmly used up by Christmas sweater #1 for the Princess, the Child's Zip-Up Cardigan from Color By Kristin. Yes, I'm using Kristin Nicholas's Julia yarn, which is what the pattern calls for. It's gorgeous, and the whole project is going along swimingly!
Knitting in colorwork, fantastic podcasts, a glass of water and a few minutes of peace!

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Shelda said...

Maybe your range of usual colors is changing. That happens!

Btw, have you been checking our Jared Flood lately? He has a very lovely new scarf, called "Wayfarer." You know how I like me some asymmetry ;)