Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Flat Princess finally makes an appearance!

  • The knitting needles were back this morning. The Green Woman had carefully placed them next to my bed so that I could easily (step on them) find them as soon as I woke up.
  • Apparently, she was getting really bored with all of the knitting.
  • I must say that the Green Woman's point was well made. I have been remarkably focused on a single knitting project at a time over the last couple of months...and they haven't exactly been little projects.
  • Variety is good. Must. Remember. That!
  • And what happens when the Green Woman decides to teach me a lesson? I wind up with 16 oz. of absolutely perfect handspun. In fact, I think I've found a new favorite. I'm seriously in love with this yarn!
  • Once upon a time I used to drink buckets of General Foods International Coffee in Viennese Chocolate Cafe. (Watching tv. Saw a commercial.)
  • Back to the yarn.
  • I've never made a bulky yarn before. I don't generally knit with bulky yarn, either. For some reason, though, this fiber screamed "BULKY!!!"
  • And I learned something...for me the trick to a nice, soft, squishy heavier handspun is to go fast and not think about it.
  • Thus....16 oz. in two days...and I can't wait to knit it up into something wonderful!
  • And just to make sure that the Green Woman knew that I learned my lesson, I started the pink merino this morning in the wee hours.
  • Speaking of pink handspun....
  • Don't you just love it when the stars align and a plan falls into place? A few days ago I went to B&N, and while I was there I paged through a copy of Brave New Knits, which I hadn't yet seen. On page 118 a thunderbolt hit. Melissa Wehrle's Origami Shrug is absolutely perfect for the cranberry merino/tencel I spun a few years ago. The fiber was a Christmas gift from my husband, and I knew that the yarn had to be used for a very special project. I've found it...and I hope to have an exciting new shrug to wear for Christmas this year!
  • Which would make the red shoes I'm considering make a bit more sense...
  • Hmmm.
  • I don't get my usual Mom's Night off until the last week of the month because of my meeting schedule. Three weeks without it....I might not survive.
  • Although that has nothing to do with any of the children - who have all been remarkably good lately. (And yes, I'm referring to all four children!)
  • We went to Shryocks Corn Maze on Saturday with our church.
  • Must admit. Corn mazes are a bit creepy...and aren't really my thing. My sense of direction is iffy enough as it is.
  • More fun at night? With aliens?
  • However, the kids loved it and for their sakes this will probably become a family tradition. I'm not surprised that the Princess had so much fun...but it does shock me a bit that the Pixie keeps asking to go back!
  • Ok, she's not my baby, but I'm still thrilled that Cupcake rolled over for the first time Friday and is now working on scootching on her tummy!
  • My husband doesn't think 'scootching' is a word, and I'm too lazy to look it up right now.
  • My husband also didn't think I could run a 10 minute mile this AM when I took my fitness test for my second BootCamp.
  • Take that!
  • By the way, just to prove that physical appearance has nothing to do with physical fitness...I did a heck of a lot better in the test this AM than several of the other BootCampers, all of whom are considerably smaller than I.
  • Take that!
  • We need to have a blog conversation about sweaters this week. (I've now said it, so I should do it.)
  • Weird. The Pixie just came into the kitchen, and I think she was sleepwalking. At the very least she definitely wasn't really awake. Best keep an eye on that.
  • I want to knit a bit before bed, so I'm off!

Have a great week!


quantumtea said...

Ooh, sweaters! I've been thinking hard about cardigans, partly the gorgeous one that just needs the hem and 2 sleeves done, but also these two, a wrap around cardigan ( and an open cardigan (

What worsted yarn do you like for sweaters? I know I love BFL for socks, but BFL in sweater quantites seems prohibitively expensive. I have some Peace Fleece samples coming (plus a full skein for a hat), but I've heard people say it's scratchy.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Variety is good!

I have a horrible sense of direction and get a bit scared sometimes in corn mazes, too; still love them though.

Goodl luck with the sleepwalking - yikes.