Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Meanderings

  • It's fall!
  • We are happy!
  • The weather is phenomenal!
  • If you can survive a Missouri summer...this is your reward, and lots of good things come with it. For example:
  • Honey Crisp apples are now available, which is our favorite part of apple season.
  • We've made pumpkin muffins twice in the last few weeks, and I'm sure pumpkin cookies won't be far behind.
  • The house - much to the children's' delight - is covered in Halloween, and even I have to fess up that it looks good this year. (I made my husband take most of the regular decorations out first.)
  • One of my favorite holidays - our wedding anniversary - is just around the corner, and that always puts us in a good mood.
  • We're all spending more time outdoors, which is not only fun but also is good for us!
  • The air conditioning has long-since been turned off, but the heater isn't yet necessary. Big bonus for being able to open the windows and let fresh air in the house!
  • Jeans and cardigans are back, as are the hand-knit socks! (And did I ever jump for joy when I put on my socks again!)
  • It's soooo much easier to cook in cooler weather....and the type of stuff we cook in this weather tends to leftovers, making lunches easier.
  • The pleasure in coffee and hot tea has quadrupled.
  • Yes, we are all glad it's fall. I think it's safe to say that for this family, fall is the season of choice!
  • And with the passing of summer, I'm also seeing the passing of my rough summer....and I can honestly say that life is improving for me. In fact, it's improving quite dramatically.
  • (Although it would be better if the four year old wasn't screaming right now....I'm actually writing this Sun. night, and she has issues with going to bed on Sunday nights...)
  • My decision to step off the crazy train of dieting and weight obsession has proven to be one of the better decisions that I've ever made. It's been quite liberating, although I will admit that there has been a fair amount of anxiety as well. Can't change 24 years of history over night, after all! At times it's all I can do to stop myself from running right back to My Daily Plate (especially when I think of our February vacation, which will require a swimsuit)...but when that happens I take a deep breath, reread my post and try to find something happy to distract myself. It usually passes quickly.
  • Something fun - much as I love oatmeal (and I really do love no small part because it makes me feel good!), I do occasionally get tired of it. My answer to that is our new Sunday morning breakfasts. Sunday is a day of rest, a day of celebrating the sweetness of life and all that we are blessed with. SO, Sunday morning now starts with a a touch of symbolic sweets...usually pancakes or muffins.
  • Along the same lines - Boot Camp ends today, and the next session begins next Monday. I'm on the fence. In a lot of ways, this just isn't my thing....especially since I'm not doing the food thing anymore. However, I can't deny that the variety was good for me, and that my body hurt (in that oh-so-good way) after almost every workout. Hmmm...
  • And now for something completely different....
  • I need shoes. I have two pair that fit - my running shoes and my Birk's - and a whole lot of others that kind of fit but don't really. My Birk's have a piece that goes between my big toe and the rest, so I can't wear them with warm socks. This is a situation that needs fixing asap.
  • I hate shoe shopping.
  • You've all heard about my legendarily horrendous feet.
  • Sigh.
  • I also need clothes. I have literally one pair of jeans, one pair of slacks, a couple of long-sleeved shirts, a couple of casual sweaters, a couple of dressier sweaters and a few nasty old sweatshirts. I got rid of a lot of stuff last year when I lost some weight.....and I didn't replace any of it, so now things are getting desperate.
  • I also need workout clothes, especially pants.
  • My friends all assure me that if I'd go shopping more than twice per year than I wouldn't have so much trouble finding clothes...and probably wouldn't find my closet so empty.
  • While probably true, I am so not a happy shopper. Ugh.
  • Oh, and my glasses are literally being held together by an old earring....and have been for at least a couple of years now. Probably should fix that, too.

And on that note....I'm off!

Have a great week everyone!

PS. Creative stuff to come this week!


Paula said...

Oh I love fall too! AND Honey Crisp apples. Pumpkin pancakes are on my radar this week. I'm just trying to decide what recipe to try.

The Silverwood Family said...

We love fall in this family too! I understand about shopping, it stinks. I hate trying to find shoes and clothes, I wish I could just have someone stock my closet with things that would fit and look nice. Good luck!