Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I had a brilliant post planned for today...all about what a genius knitter I am (ha ha). Then life intervened. The Pixie grabbed the automatic door on the van this morning - as if to help as it closed - and wound up crushing her thumb between the door and the frame.

Now, I'm probably the world's most layed back mom when it comes to illness and injury. My girls - at 7 and 4 - are still antibiotic free, only go to the doctor for their annual check-ups and never receive more than cursory attention for any bumps and bruises they may sustain. This isn't to say that I'm callous...I'm just very calm and believe there's no reason to trouble a doctor with the normal ailments of childhood.

However, Pixie's crush injury frightened me, and so away to Urgent Care we went. I was relatively sure she was fine by the time we got there as she had stopped crying and was surprisingly calm...but she wouldn't let me look at her finger. I'd also once heard on tv that crush injuries could be deceiving and should always be checked out. Silly goose was a perfect girl for the nurses and Dr. Jason, showing them her finger and answering every question. By the time we got in to the x-ray room, I was suspicious that she was starting to enjoy herself....a suspicion that proved true when the doctor came in to confirm that she was ok. Apparently my Pixie has a flair for the dramatic...and she likes being the center of attention. She also really liked Dr. Jason...although I believe the popsicle he gave her may have helped to sway that opinion.

I was both relieved and embarrassed when we left - happy to have proof that she was fine, but abashed to have hauled her into Urgent Care when my gut had told me she was ok shortly after the accident. I have to admit that I was also completely rattled, and was a little shaky all afternoon.

My Mom says that I probably reacted as I did because of my own recent medical issues, and she predicted that I may be skittish for a while.

I hope that she's wrong and that I become my calm self again! So no happy knitting post today. Instead I'll leave you with a couple of pictures of some happy singles. The first - my tri-colored suri alpaca. I took it off of the bobbin this weekend because I needed the bobbin.
And the second - another shot of the blue merino. It's just too pretty not to show off!

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Paula said...

Love the merino trio.

I had to chuckle about your story. Our sons joke that I was somewhat negligent at times about their injuries but with 3 boys I simply couldn't be running to the doctor with every incident. When our 15 year old middle son was in for a routine physical for school I told him it was time he learned to fill out his own medical history. When the form asked whether he had had any broken bones, he wrote, "Probably."