Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Back!

As of this week, my early morning quiet, peaceful time is back!

I've been getting up at 6:20 each days - which allows me a good 30 minutes of quiet time to sit on the deck and knit before anyone else rises. (That is, of course, 30 minutes once I've let the dogs out, fed the diabetic cat who's very loudly demanding his breakfast, turned on the attic fan and made a big cup of coffee.) The plan is to gradually move up my wake up time so that eventually I get a full hour to myself. That will be very nice indeed.

You may remember that I started this early morning habit a year ago. (or was it two? I don't remember.....) It tends to be a warmer weather habit as my preference is to spend that time out on the deck where I can be one with the happy birds. (It was two! I started it while I was first experiencing the greatness of acupuncture! I knew I could remember....) (An argument can be made for three! As I trained in the wee hours for the half marathon I walked in 2007.)

Originally that time was intended for Morning Pages, but my journaling habits have changed in some interesting ways over the last six months or so and I no longer feel that the Morning Pages are an effective tool for me. To be honest, I never really was able to accomplish the total stream of consciousness which they are supposed to be, and so that writing time was always about standard journaling....which is not necessarily a great way to begin the day.

For a long while I also did a series of Sun Salutations, which I am planning on adding back in next week as that's something I really miss.

So what exactly do I do with that time? Well, for now I'm using it to record any dreams that require proof of their having been - a very quick and focused type of writing - and knit. Interestingly enough, I've found that my mind tends to be much more clear in the morning than it has been lately (I'm still fighting some brain fog in the late afternoon and evenings - my normal knitting times.), and so I've actually been able to work on a beaded lace project that's been languishing for quite some time. I do have one rule - no audio of any sort is allowed, which for me can be difficult as I'm VERY used to spending my alone time plugged in to my iPod. Also, the noise from the highway makes me crazy. However, I know that I need to rediscover quiet, and by sitting with the world as it is with a challenging project I am able to gain a type of active meditation.


margene said...

Morning is such a wonderful time of day. It's my favorite time of day, actually. Finding a morning ritual or routine you love and that becomes part of your day is relaxing and calming in itself. Knitting is the perfect thing for meditation time.

A Day That is Dessert said...

This sounds like a great ritual. I've been making an effort to get up 15-30 minutes before I have to, and it makes all the difference in the world in terms of my attitude.

On a different note, I bought a bottle of Kombucha at whole foods yesterday after reading your mention of it - it was really delicious! Do you notice any health benefits, or just like the taste?

Paula said...

Your special place on your deck looks heavenly!