Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Meanderings

  • Is there anything more beautiful to a spinner than a batch of newly completed singles?
  • I was able to spin the entire third - and final - bobbin of my blue merino on Saturday...with just a little bit of help from the ball of singles I spun on my drop spindle. I almost hated to transfer the spindle-spun to the bobbin, but I wanted a nice three-ply, and that was the only way to get three even bobbins full!
  • I'm very glad to be done with the blue merino. It's gorgeous...but blue is not my favorite color and I was getting a wee bit tired of it.
  • That was just one of the things I was able to accomplish on Saturday. I had a wonderfully peaceful day, and was able to accomplish EVERYTHING on my list! Including...
  • I finished the first half of the Swan Lake stole,
  • Sewed the buttons onto the Princess's new little vest and
  • Fixed the buttons on her February Princess sweater.
  • Things are definitely looking up in the crafts department!
  • Sadly, part of why Saturday was such a successful craft day was because I managed to wear myself out at the gym earlier in the week....causing yet another crash and burn.
  • Ugh.
  • Looking on the sunny side.....I decided to use this whole mess as an opportunity to change my life!
  • Drumroll, please.....
  • I'm in the process of transitioning to a vegetarian diet.
  • Why? Well the current diet just isn't working for me...for a whole lot of reasons. I feel I need a change....a big one.
  • And quite frankly, this time of year that's the way I tend to go anyway.

And that's all I've got this evening.

Have a Great Week!


A Day That is Dessert said...

I was vegetarian for many years; I think I feel best when I mostly eat that way.

Sorry about the crash and burn at the gym.

Anne said...

Change is often very good. Good luck with the new method of eating! I hope you see lots of positive changes.

Paula said...

You surely accomplished a lot for one who crashed! Beautiful merino, too.