Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Little Look-See Into The Workbasket

It's been a very long while since I last showed you what exactly is in my to-do pile. So here we go: This is Minni, a gorgeous baby sweater knit from Malabrigo Sock. The baby's not due until June, so I'm using the 'slow and steady' model to knit this piece.
Of course, my knitting bag wouldn't be complete without a pair of plain socks - this pair for me as I am going to need a couple of replacements by this fall.
Last night I grafted the two pieces of this shawl together. I plan on doing the finish work and blocking later today (assuming my LYS has Euclan in stock, which isn't guaranteed.). Look for a post on this finished piece later this week.
There is plying that needs to be done.
And I'm ashamed to admit that I started spinning this silk last summer...and when I came to a decision point I put it away never to be seen again. It really is too lovely to let it go.
My on-the-go spinning hasn't seen much action lately. In fact, it hasn't seen much action since I first introduced it to you a couple (a few?) of weeks ago.
Then there are the silly pieces which need minor work. For example, I just need to do two rows of single crochet around each of the armholes on my Botanica Medallion Cardi and sew in the ends.
The poor monkeys need their tales, ears and face details. To be fair, I am not very motivated to finish these as my Mom is taking her time with the clothes.
The Princess put holes in the bottoms of her most recent socks - and she wants them fixed as they are her favorites.
Of long-term projects I have three. First up, this beautiful cabled cardigan, intended to be an over sized weekend sort of sweater...the sort that makes everything better when you wear it.
The second is my Winter Solstice Shawl...which stalled out because I couldn't make up my mind on how to mark the bird tracks. This is actually quite an important step, so that statement isn't as silly as it sounds. It stays in hibernation because I'm only just now feeling mentally up to this type of knitting again.
Likewise, I knew better than to try to work on my Princess during recovery.
The gauntlet was thrown down this weekend by my mother - who is clearly annoyed with me for buying this fabric more than a year ago and then never making up the quilt. She has a point, but then I would also like to state again for the record that I am NOT much of a matter how much I love the fabric. However, it is time to get busy on this one.
Oddly enough, these donuts were never finished, either. Probably because they would involve hand sewing...which perhaps makes me even more nervous than the quilting. (Ironically enough, embroidery is high on my list of things to do next.
So with all of these things to do, there remains only one question...
Why do I want to start something new so badly?
PS. Sorry for the lack of links today. I'm in a rush to get out the door.


Shelda said...

Why do you want to start something new? Because there are new things to be started? (kind of like "because it's there...")

Maybe you're not oh-so-terribly excited by any of the WIPs? Dunno, but I know I often have that feeling myself.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I love the monkeys :)

Anne said...

If that Minna sweater doesn't fit the little one, I would squeeze myself into it. I love the colors THAT MUCH.

margene said...

Dig deep, keep the faith. Your knitting is calling and wanting your attention. Everything is beautiful..carry on.

Jenny said...

You have some beautiful WIPS in your collection. I especially like your spinning projects but like you, I haven't found much time for spinning lately. Whether you start something new or work on a WIP, the important thing is to enjoy what you're doing at that moment.

Paula said...

Your Minni is looking great! I could not get gauge for that project so it never really got off the ground. Cute sweater but I don't want it enough to knit on size 0.