Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Meanderings

  • It is cold and rainy. No bike for me today. Sigh.
  • Likewise, the soggy weather is having it's usual effect on my Internet access - which is to say that it becomes spotty. Sigh.
  • I don't actually mind the cold and rainy, though. April showers and all!
  • I am, however, grateful that there have been no severe storms here.
  • Yet.
  • Trivia factoid about me: I am absolutely terrified of tornadoes...really for no good reason.
  • Awesome news - since the surgery I've only been going to my gym's facility for women. It's smaller, more intimate, much less intimidating than the other locations. All of my training sessions have been there - but prior to the surgery I went to the bigger location next door on cardio days to keep my kids happy. (bigger playroom with a climb and slide!) Anyway, the news part is that I have a couple of friends who are now regularly going to FIT also. It's soooo much fun!
  • I spent almost as much time talking to people this morning as I did working out....
  • More good news - the vegetarian diet seems to suit me quite well. I noticed last week that after just a couple of days my sugar cravings completely disappeared, and by the end of the week I felt much better than I had since before the surgery.
  • Remember that whole bit about how much I hate cooking? I actually don't mind it so much when I'm experimenting on my family.
  • They have come to accept that random new recipes showing up on the table are just going to happen, and when they happen everyone is required to try.
  • As a result, this week we had parsnip fries.
  • Yum!
  • I never have good luck with my diet when I go to my parents' house. It always ends up being a bit of a mess because of what they have available and our schedule while there. Saturday in particular was a huge lesson to me. Long story short, I did not fuel myself regularly or well and I felt LOUSY by the time we had dinner....and that dinner left me with a horrendous tummy all night.
  • Lesson learned. If I'm going to make this work I have to plan better - and pack along food if need be!
  • One of the new tricks in my food toolbox is the Green Monster. I do just the basic Green Monster in the early afternoon - around the time I was crashing - and sometimes I add a scoop of chocolate protein powder and/or a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. It tastes amazing, and seems to be helping me me with my stamina.
  • Isn't it amazing that at 36 I'm finally learning to listen to my body and am developing a healthy relationship with food?
  • I managed to get a lot of knitting done last week.
  • In fact, I should have another FO to show off later this week.
  • Assuming I can make up my mind about how to finish it.
  • I'm at a decision point on another knitting project right now, and I just don't know what I want to do about it.
  • I'm not normally this indecisive....
  • Funny story: I lost the battle with myself last Friday, and wound up packing a ginormous pile of crafting supplies for a 48 hour trip, during which I expected almost no free time.
  • Among the items I took: the three knitting projects already in my knitting bag, a bag of knitting books, the yarn for four new projects (in case I wanted to start something), also the supplies and patterns for those projects, my knitting needle basket (which contains ALL of my knitting needles), the bag of cut pieces for my quilt, two books to read, three different spindles and four types of fiber.
  • Oh yeah...I knew I was being crazy.
  • So what did I actually work on while I was home? The three projects in my knitting bag.
  • To be fair, I did also go through most of the knitting books I took with.
  • Honestly, the Green Woman needed appeasement.
  • She's been awefully quiet lately....

Have A Great Week!


Shelda said...

Learning to listen to your body and developing a healthy relationship with food is a good thing at any age! Bravo for you.

A Day That is Dessert said...

You are such a good writer :) sorry about the rain and it's impact on your life. Am really happy to hear about the change in your relationship with cooking! It sounds as if you're in a really healthy space overall.

ps - fear of tornadoes isn't irrational!

I'd love to hear a post about your engagement!

Paula said...

I can pack lightly for a trip...except for my knitting/crafts! Think about it. You might have been stranded there for weeks, and then what?