Saturday, April 10, 2010

Making Glorious Lemonade

Since we couldn't do what we wanted to do this weekend...what we had planned on doing for so very long.... And still am pretty sad about not being able to do...
We decided to turn our lemons into something good, by having a family day...
At the Zoo! (Which was less than 5 minutes from where we needed to go to pick up our race packets and shirts. I worked darn hard, and I deserve that shirt!)

Maps were very big today. Who would have thought that such a thing could be so interesting to small children?
Daddy kept everyone in line.
Mommy decided - after an interesting and revealing perusal of her photo albums last week - that she needed to be inserted into the family record. No more hiding from the camera for me!
A passer-by thought we were such a nice family that we needed a picture all together. He was right.
I still haven't figured out why the giant bug is so fascinating....
But apparently it is.
Told you I wasn't going to hide from the camera anymore - even if my children aren't cooperating.

Our trip to the zoo ended with a visit to the gift shop. The hats were hilarious - but didn't come home with us. (Whew.)

I've got two very tired girls and an exhausted husband.

It was a very good day.

PS. Why didn't anyone tell me about my massive spelling error!


Anne said...

Looks like a fantastic day out with the whole family - the weather appears perfect from here!

Paula said...

Great photos and good memories for the whole family. Yes, good to see you in some of the photos.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Great pictures - looks like you did a great job of making 'lemonade'!