Friday, February 5, 2010

Swatching Progress

Just for a bit of perspective, I thought I would show you the difference between the unblocked swatches from a size 2.0mm needle (on the left) and a 1.5 mm needle. Each swatch represents two pattern repeats of the outer edging.
After swatching with the 2.0mm needle, I'm very sure that's the needle I'm going to end up using. The 1.75mm hasn't arrived yet, and as I couldn't wait any longer I decided to go ahead and block my swatch today.
It's so pretty.
I just want to sit and look at it...and think about how pretty it is!
Anyway....The repeats measure to exactly where they are supposed to be - 2 inches wide (from point to point) and 3 1/2 inches tall from base to tip of point. There is a little bit of give still in the yarn, which is good as that means it's not pulled so tight that it's going to bounce back when released from the pins. I'll wait until the swatch is dry and released for a final measurement...but I am 99% sure this is the needle I want.
And I want to officially cast on soon!
PS. Interestingly enough, I've already discovered that my eyes are going to be a problem with this shawl. I absolutely MUST wear my glasses when I work on it....lest I wind up with another eyestrain headache. Also, I really need to go get new glasses. Mine are in sad, sad shape...and I haven't had my eyes tested since before the Princess was born.


Bonnie said...

It's going to be a masterpiece!

Anne said...

I think it will be beautiful, no matter what, but that said, I really like the open airiness of that last swatch picture!