Saturday, February 20, 2010


Hello All!

Remember that crazy schedule through the end of the month? Well, because of that - and a really large to-do list - I'm going to take a break from blogging through the end of the month. In the meanwhile, send happy thoughts my way as I try to:

  1. Complete all of my year-end Presidential duties for my PEO chapter.
  2. While simultaneously preparing to hand said duties over to the next president.
  3. Do the church audit. (When I agreed, I thought I was to audit the current year - meaning I would get the paperwork NEXT February.)
  4. Prepare for the Princess's birthday party on Saturday.
  5. And also her parent-teacher conference on Wednesday.
  6. Deal with the Pixie's 4th fever in two-months.
  7. Continue with my necessary training.
  8. And try to get the house cleaned up!

All while my husband is out of town on business.

I'm tired just looking at that list!

See you in March!


Anne said...

Whew. Yeah... I'll say. I'd be tired too.

Good luck!

Bonnie said...

Happy thoughts coming your way right can do it!