Saturday, February 13, 2010

Should I? Or Should I Not?

In the knitting world, the Knit Olympics have become a really big deal. Started by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee and taken over by the Ravelympics and knitting community at large, the idea is to cast on a project during the opening ceremonies with the intent to finish by the closing ceremonies. The only catch is that it should be a project which personally challenges the knitter in some way.

I've never participated, for no real reason that I can think of other than that it just didn't appeal.

Then my local yarn shop - Hillcreek Yarn Shoppe - issued a challenge. For any knitter who registered her (or his) Olympic Projects with the yarn shop there were 'medals' to be earned. At stake - a $25 gift certificate for a completed project, on down to $5 gift certificates as projects were completed to various levels. My friends and I agreed that it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up....and all of us had projects with Hillcreek-purchased yarn that we wanted to do.

I registered a project that I had been planning for a long, long while - Knitty's Aoliean Shawl. I've had the beads for well over a year, and I had purchased the perfect yarn at Hillcreek's reopening event this last summer. I love that shawl. I love the yarn and beads. Perfect, right?

Well, no.

I find - as the Opening Ceremonies have come and gone - that this feels a bit too much like obligation knitting, something which I've learned to avoid at all cost. SO, here are the pros and cons, and you are all welcome to weigh in and help me decide.


  1. I would be knitting a project which I've wanted for a long time, and had been planning on doing it this year anyway.
  2. And it is a really lovely shawl - for which I have the perfect supplies.
  3. I know I could do this during the available time frame.
  4. I could easily earn a nice gift certificate.
  5. It would help me complete another of my planned 12 shawls for the year.


  1. I'd rather be spinning right now.
  2. Or working on the Princess. (This is a big one for me!)
  3. Or finishing several of my other projects which are very close to being completed.
  4. I don't like knitting because I 'have' to unless it's a reason that comes from my heart.
  5. I don't really want or need anything from the yarn shop right now...and don't foresee needing/wanting anything in the near future.
  6. To be honest, I've never been much of a joiner when it comes to online knitting movements. It's just not something that matters to me.

I think these are all of the main points. What do you think?


Kelley Petkun said...

I would suggest that you list out concrete goals for the "Con" notes.

A goal for spinning
List of "nearly finished projects"

Then, make your Olympics to reach those goals and the shawl can be your "Gold Medal"

It would be no different than the ice skaters having to go through several different types of performance during their competition.

Jenn said...

Because you could do it and give your BKB your gift certificate??? ;-)

It's a gorgeous shawl, but don't do it unless you truly want to... and it sounds like you don't. I am a joiner (sometimes) and think it's a good way for me to actually finish a sweater for myself. Just need that extra bit of motivation!

Bonnie said...

I think the "cons" carry more weight than the "pros." They sound more meaningful and important. Follow your heart, which sounds to me like it wants to spin and work on the Princess and other things...