Friday, April 3, 2009

Today's Workbasket

As promised, a return to what this blog was originally about - my creative life! This is what I wish I was working on! My VK arrived two days ago, and I've been totally obsessed with this vest every since. In fact, I've priced it today as a possible reward for finishing a batch of 'must knits.' We'll see.

My finish basket actually has a fair amount of work building up in it - including the slippers my husband knit for his mom and a pair of his socks that I need to repair. Best of all, the lacewing shawl is snuggled into that basket. It just needs a wee bit of finish work, a good bath and a firm blocking. It's another thing that's been set aside for the 'must knits.'
What could possibly be so important that it's caused me to set aside my lovely shawl?

Please allow me to introduce the Pixie's Easter Dress.
Easter dresses have been a yearly dilemma since my Princess was born. I've been amazed - and disheartened - at how difficult it is to find good Easter dresses. You tend to either find cheap and tacky or wedding quality. The pretty, nicely-made dresses of my childhood have been elusive. (My Easter dress would become my spring/summer church dress, dressed up for the holiday with the addition of gloves and hat - appropriate for Sunday without being over the top.) For several years now, I've settled on beautiful - but way too extravagant - dresses from Gymboree that were more appropriate for formals than for church wear. Seriously. Small children do not need silk dresses. I've watched the girls play in them with increasing dread, and have forced them to be overcareful when they would have preferred to play.

So I decided to change things this year. If I couldn't find the type of dress I wanted, than I would make it. The Jane Austin dress and shrug from the second Mason-Dixon knitting book fit the bill perfectly. When my yarn shop started carrying Sublime Soya Cotton in the most beautiful spring colors, I knew I had found my match. My mom completed the picture with fabric from her favorite quilt store back home.

I have one more shrug to knit, edgings to add to the dress tops and skirts to sew on. We should be done in plenty 0f time...and I just might make the girls little bags to go with.

Now, back to that I can think about that vest again!

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margene said...

Your grrls are going to be so cute in their dresses!! Love the shawl. That would be tough to put away, but the grrls will be the belle's of Easter!