Wednesday, April 29, 2009


My super-secret project is in the mail, which means that #3 is finished! (3 down, 9 to go for NaKniSweMoDo!)

As I can't discuss or show pictures of this project, I decided that what I would do instead is to give you a mini yarn review.

Prior to doing this project, I had not worked with any of the yarns produced by Blue Sky Alpacas. None of the yarn stores I frequent carry this brand, and I had been uncomfortable about ordering it sight-unseen, and so I was thrilled when I received my package from the designer and found some beautiful, soft Organic Cotton inside.

I will never touch this yarn again.

It's the most awful stuff I've ever worked with....and I don't say that lightly. Among the problems:
  1. It sheds badly. I have never had a yarn leave so much lint behind - on my face, in my knitting bag, up my nose, in a heavy layer on the counter after winding it into balls... It was nasty.
  2. This yarn is really heavy. My wrists hurt badly after one big day of knitting...and that's just not right. (This wasn't a gigantic project, either.)
  3. It's just not durable. I did have some seaming to do, and I really struggled to keep the yarn from falling apart during that process. I can't imagine wearing something made out of this yarn. It must pill like crazy!
  4. Personally, I'm just not a chunky yarn girl. The description says worsted, but it's more like a chunky weight if you ask me....and I thought it made for an ugly knit.

I feel like a heel for complaining so much, but really the yarn wasn't fun. I'm glad I had a chance to try it - especially given the wonderful reputation it has - but it just isn't a yarn for me!


Bonnie said...

It is good to read a detailed, honest account of yarn. Thanks!

fleegle said...

Oh, that yarn sounds AWFUL. I bought some of their alpaca-silk and made a sweater. I loved that yarn and the sweater is wearing well.

Is the Green Woman going to take away your wheel and use it or burn it to keep warm? Harry is too lazy to actually spin anything.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Congrats on getting the project in the mail!

Good luck with your big purchase tomorrow - I'm sure my post today must have really cracked you up!!

margene said...

There are yarns that just shouldn't be. It's good to know what you like in yarn there are so many fabulous yarns to use!