Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mind Your P's and Q's!

You can ask my Mom.

I'm a stickler for copyright, and do my absolute best to make sure that knitters around me play nice. Just before Easter, I read this blog post, by Pamela Wynn, of February Lady fame. Now, I've seen lots and lots of posts by designers on the subject of copyright, but this particular issue was new to me.

It annoys me when random knitters cheat on copyright, but sometimes I give them the benefit of the doubt for just not knowing any better.

When yarn shops cheat, it makes me furious as they really should know better. Next time I see it, I'll definitely speak up. How about you?


A Day That is Dessert said...

I agree!

margene said...

I have made it an issue in every shop I've visited even before they violate copyright. There have been a few very blatant problems shops around here and they do get a piece of my mind. I've even called the designer if need be. There is no excuse.