Monday, April 6, 2009

The Monday List

This picture just makes me laugh. Silly, isn't she?!

Without further ado, and because I feel a need to organize (!), the Monday List:
  1. Top priority this week goes to completing the girls' Easter dresses. The finish work includes: knitting or crocheting on the neck and arm edging for both tops, sewing in all ends and adding the skirts. That last part makes me nervous. There may be a trip to Joanne's involved. Also making me nervous, the lace pattern is a bit much for my eldest - who is just starting to develop body awareness. I might end up needing to do a full dress underneath.
  2. Easter accessories and goodies for the Easter baskets need to be purchased.
  3. I also would really like to complete the sample piece I'm knitting. I can't share it here - but I would like to get it out the door asap so that I'm free to focus on other projects.
  4. I have a mountain of outgrown clothing in my living room that needs to be sorted. In fact, I need to pull all of the children's clothing from our basement and do one massive sort. Ugh. I'm almost glad that as the Princess gets older there are fewer things left to hand down. Honestly, when I became a mom I had no idea how much work the clothing would be!
  5. After the alpaca left, I began the process of reclaiming our bedroom, and I would like to finish that this week. It just needs a bit more decluttering, a quick reorganization in the closet and a good cleaning.
  6. On the fun side, I would like to do some swatching for the Princess Shawl. I started last night, but found that it was too late and the light was too dim and I was too tired to focus. My goal is to be able to order the yarn in a week or so.
  7. Actually, I would like to start another shawl this week. I have two or three options, and I'm really not sure which I'll end up doing. Oddly enough, I spent all weekend carrying around the yarn, needles and patterns for all three - but found that I just couldn't start them until some of my other knitting was finished. So much for being a multi-project girl!

Oh my, look at the time! I just realized that my girls are really late getting up this morning, so I'd better go get them moving. Have a great week everyone!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

I admire your ambition! I'm feverishly trying to get lots done this week; I guess our first day of sun yesterday put me in "spring cleaning" feels good.