Monday, September 15, 2008

Monday Morning List

Things I would like to accomplish this week:

1. Finish the back of Forestry, and make a serious dent on the sleeves.
2. Catch up MS4. I'm doing both ends at once, and would really like to be in a position where I can get to work on the new clue as soon as it's released.
3. Clean out the pantry. It makes me nuts, and needs to go the same way as my closet.
4. Write two letters. The first is just a chatty/catch-up letter to a childhood friend. The second is bound to be more difficult. My first boyfriend's father passed away earlier this month, and I need to send him a note expressing my condolences. His father was very kind to me.
5. Hit my exercise goals - a walk of at least 30 min/day and a 20 min session with my exercise ball and resistance bands on six days.
6. Stick with the Weight Watchers Core Plan if it kills me. (and it might)
7. Figure out someplace new for my morning journal ritual. I'd been getting up early to write on our deck, but it's getting a bit too nippy for that.
8. Having faced down my own closet, it's time to face the girls' closets. Ugh.
9. Spin something. Spin ANYTHING. I MUST SPIN!!!!

1 comment:

Paula said...

Your comment about the Weight Watchers plan gave me a good chuckle. I gave you a Blue Ribbon on my blog today!