Saturday, September 13, 2008

I Succumbed

Behold, Mystery Stole 4.
Last year I participated in Mystery Stole 3, Swan Lake. (Link to my Ravelry Page.) I loved the process, but wasn't crazy about the finished design - largely because I am so NOT a person who's into asymmetry. Consequently, I wasn't sure if I wanted to sign up again this year. When the designer for this year's Mystery Stole was announced, I waffled even more as I was only lukewarm to her other designs. Ultimately I signed up to hedge my bets.
On Friday the second clue was released, and I fell in love. I already had the beads, and a quick trip to Hillcreek helped me to find the perfect yarn.
Today has been uncommonly rainy, and my father has been here to entertain the girls all day. Happily, this means that I've been able to literally spend all day knitting in bed. Yipee! I did put in some time on my sweater, but for the most part I've worked on MS4.
Ahhh....beads and yarn and lace....happy me!

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