Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy Me!

When I sat down to knit yesterday, the two front pieces of my sweater looked like this.
And when I went to bed last night, this piece was finished!

I had originally planned on doing the two pieces at the same time, but abandoned that plan yesterday in favor of seeing quick progress on each piece. Quite frankly, my own system of notes and safety pins is meticulous enough that I don't have to worry about loosing my place with any of the shaping. Besides, switching back and forth between the two pieces annoys me. I feel like it slows me down. (This is, incidentally, part of why I detest the Magic Loop so much.)

The only problem I had yesterday was in remembering to put the knitting down periodically so as not to ruin my hands in overzealous glee. Every since my month of broken-finger-induced knitting abstenance, I've been very careful to never push my hands too hard as I need to be able to use them for a very, very long time. If that one month without knitting was any indication, if I were ever to loose the ability to use them permenantly I might be stark raving mad within minutes. I was a good girl, though, and made sure to put down the knitting for long breaks throughout the day.

I believe I'm going to easily be able to finish the second piece today, and so my dream of having it finished for the next guild meeting looks like it will be a reality!

Just before bed last night, I also went ahead and frogged that shawl. Once again, I am simply crazy about the way those matte blue beads looked against the milk chocolate yarn. Perhaps I'll work on finding a more appropriate pattern once MS4 is done.


Bonnie said...

I can't wait to see this sweater finished. It's looking great!

Paula said...

You did make a lot of progress on the sweater! It is a lovely color and texture.