Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

This is actually from a brief snow last month.  My apologies for an inaccurately dated picture, but I was feeling rather too lazy this morning to take new ones.  Besides, it's still snowing!

We woke up to a what promises to be the first significant snow of the year...and multiple texts from the school district announcing a snow day.

I've been absent for the last several days because I've been reading.  I've been reading in the sort of book-binge/all-absorbing way that I used to be able to indulge in all of the time.  Then I had kids.  And a grown up life.  It's rare to allow myself the luxury these days, but I'm so glad I did.  I really needed it.  My book list at the end of the month is going to be rather lengthy!

Of course, while I was 'gone' my girls managed to completely destroy the house.  My husband was sick, and with both of us otherwise occupied I'm afraid they rather ran amuck for a few days.  Adding to that grandmother and parents came up for a visit yesterday, and saw the disaster.  I'm rather embarrassed, but it is what it is.

Which is why today we are cleaning instead of playing. 

In other news:
  • I have a special post to put up later today...I hope you all enjoy it.  There will be a companion piece tomorrow.  Both are intensely personal, but I feel like it is something I want to share as they both will honor a book and an author who have helped to shape my life.
  • I am nearing completion on my embroidery piece, and may try to do that this afternoon.
  • I've been angry a lot lately, which is part of why I've been so silent.  None of it needs to be shared, and anger does not make a good writing companion.  I'm not yet all better, but I'm getting there.  If there is one thing I've learned, it's that I simply must honor those ugly feelings by letting myself experience them if I have any hope of working through whatever problem lurks behind.
  • My parents don't notice a bad smell at all from the Jacob wool.  This is a serious problem.
  • I now have a flock of goldfinches at my birdfeeders.  This is new, and very exciting!
All for now...I hope you are all enjoying your day, with all that it is bringing to you!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

I hope you're feeling better. Can you try and lengthen your workout? - it may help get out some of the anger/frustration.