Thursday, February 2, 2012

February Is For Finishing

I'm setting myself to a second task this month - and that is to finish up loose ends.  (My thanks to Bonnie for the suggestion.) 

To that end, this is what needs to be done:
  1. The binding on my lap quilt needs to be sewn down.  You may remember that I purchased the fabric for this quilt nearly two years ago...and ultimately handed it over to my mother because I realized I was never going to do it on my own.  Oddly, she did everything except for the hand sewn portion of the binding.  (She did the machine-sewn top half and the corners for me.)  It's been folded and sitting in  my rocker every since.  Ahem. 
  2. My Green Man in the Hill embroidery piece needs to be completed...and then I need to do something with it.  I love embroidery, and I have other pieces I would like to move on to.
  3. A decision needs to be made about a beaded silk stole I started a year and a half ago.  When lace goes unfinished for this long, there is a problem.
  4. I would like to complete the singles on my one drop spindle project.  In fact, it's the ONLY drop spindle project I've ever done, and it has sadly been neglected for way too long.
  5. There are two pair of unfinished felted clogs in my workbasket that simply need to have the ends woven in and then to be dumped in a washer for felting.  I'll have to take them to my parents' home for that...but this is a ridiculous thing to have let sit for so long, especially given how fantastic the finished slippers are!  (And that I have no slippers at all right now.)
  6. If at all possible, the Princess needs to be finished.  I don't know that I can actually accomplish that in February because I have a LOT of gift knitting that I need to be working on as well, but any progress will be good.  The end, actually, is in sight.  I only have about 6 repeats of the center pattern (ONLY!) and the top edging to do.  So perhaps I'll just shoot to finish the center. 


Bonnie said...

Deciding I must finish that many projects in one month, or trying to prioritize them all, would be overwhelming for me. I would pick the one I most want to finish or could use right away (like the felted slippers, since it's winter), finish that, and then decide what to do next.

Focusing on just one and finishing it will create a positive feeling of progress and success, which will create momentum for finishing the others.

Shelda said...

If you had a free evening, and could stop by Starbuck's on the way, you might have a friend with a washing machine that could felt away while the two of you knit and talk. Just sayin'

That friend might also have a couple of pairs of clogs sitting on the top of the dryer that have been needing to be felted also (the ends are even already woven in!)

And I'm with Bonnie about the number of projects and the length of the month (even in a leap year!) Especially since you slipped in that part about gift knitting.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I find it stressful to have a lot of projects going at once - I don't know how you manage it all!