Wednesday, February 15, 2012

21...and Counting

My new essay on Meg is coming along nicely, and hopefully I"ll have it to present to you in a day or two.  I also have some fun knitting and crafting to share soon.  (That was the original intent of the blog, right?)

In the meantime I have  a question. 

I have in my possession 21 journals.  I started keeping them back at the tender (and somewhat nutty) age of 13, and while I've not been entirely faithful to them over the years I am very much aware that a good chunk of my heart and soul can be found in their pages.  They are among my prize possessions...for all that I don't reread them or even remember what secrets they hold.  (I've reread the first two...and as with my essay on Meg they are quite illuminating.)

So, here is my question. 

If you were in possession of a similar pile of journals, what would you do with them?  Keep for all eternity, leaving to your descendants to read and/or do with as they please?  Destroy so as not to share?  Some combo of both? 

Just curious. 


quantumtea said...

I do have a similar pile of journals, going back to when I was 18 and at university and it was finally safe to be candid in a journal and not have my mother read it in secret.

I have NO idea what to do with them, but tossing them out would be sacrilege, and I have no descendants. It is a dilemma, they cover some painful life events and some good ones.

margene said...

Save them, save them until you have decided one way or the other whether you want YOUR decedents to read them. The journals are your personal history as you saw it at the time of writing. They're a treasure.

A Day That is Dessert said...

I would save them in a place that's safe from fire and flood - buy a firebox for your house, if you don't already have one. And don't rush into deciding about what to do regarding sharing them or not if you aren't sure - you can't take it back, if you get rid of them to avoid sharing.