Friday, August 12, 2011


In case you thought I'd fallen off of the earth....

While it is true that for the most part I've spent the week in an odd state of lethargy, recovering perhaps from the summer, I have done some fun things. My friend Shelda and I went to visit The Loopy Ewe in St. Louis yesterday....and I must say I'm feeling VERY fortunate to have been able to visit before they move to Colorado.
I spun 4 oz. of singles earlier this week...which will make a two ply fingering yarn. Hopefully I'll have time to ply it this evening.

I've put in steady work on my Tree of Life socks.

I also did finish a pair of basic socks, attended my monthly guild meeting, and that's about it.

In a few minutes I'm off to visit with my BKB...and tomorrow the girls will come home!

Regular posting will resume this weekend.

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A Day That is Dessert said...

Sometimes we all need a bit of lethargy, you know? It can help us rejuvenate.