Thursday, August 18, 2011


I finished the foot of my first Tree Of Life sock yesterday, and, well.... I'm not crazy about the foot or toe. The fit is fine, but the yarn is a bit finer than other yarns I've used for colorwork, so the gauge is looser. We all know how I feel about that! Plus, the striped pattern seems to have made the gauge even looser on the top of the foot - to the point where the knitting looks sloppy. (No such problem on the bottom with a checkerboard pattern.)
I adore the pattern on the leg, though!

Which is why I'm so annoyed that I don't love the entire sock. (Also, the pattern on the top of the foot doesn't show well - especially around the edges - because of the loose gauge.)

So here are some options. Please feel free to leave comments as to what you think I should or should not do. As always, I promise nothing.

Option 1: Leave as is, do second sock. Pro: One sock is already completely done. Con: don't like the gauge or the sloppy look to the top, will have to a second foot.

Option 2: Rip back to heel flap and do a plain foot in one or the other color. Pro: will get a much better gauge for the foot, which will help it wear better. Con: Won't be as warm since it's one layer only. Will have to redo half of a sock.

Option 3: Forget making a second sock and use this one for a variety of cozys and/or wall art. Pro: DONE! Con: I wouldn't have a pair.

Option 4: Leave it in the knitting basket for a few months and hope the Green Woman decides to finish it for me. Pro: DONE! Con: Obvious.

So what do you think?


DeeDee said...

Option 3 - wall art and knit a pair with the adjustments so you'll like to wear them.

Option 5 - knit another of those and give them as a gift to someone with bigger feet (ahem)

A Day That is Dessert said...

Option 4!