Monday, August 29, 2011


The Pixie in my Jr. Prom dress

A Princess and her cat

  • My focus really has been on the girls for the last couple of weeks...

  • Which is part of why there haven't been as many posts as I had hoped for.

  • The Princess is ecstatic to be back at school, and is loving every minute of it!

  • The Pixie...not so much.

  • The Princess started EEE - our gifted program - last Wed., and is hoping she made it into her top selections for her major and minor classes.

  • She's a chip off the old block. Her top choice for her major is on animals and extinction - which was my major class in Missouri Scholars Academy back when I was 16. Her first choice for her minor? A writing class.

  • The Pixie spends a lot of time daily trying to convince me to let her stay home with me. She likes school - but she doesn't ever want to go back.

  • For the first time ever, she's being confronted with a strict teacher (not necessarily a bad thing), and so her first full week wasn't so smooth.

  • I can tell that she feels as if she has no control over her life anymore - she spends her days doing what other people want her to - and for now that is dimming her light a bit.

  • Sigh.

  • It hurts to see my baby so stressed out.

  • Double sigh.

  • Also, I'm working in the afternoons to help my two wee extras readjust to the schedule at my house. The Boy is taking it fairly well, although he misses the Pixie. Cupcake is still mad because she'd rather spend her afternoons with her Mom. (Can't blame her! Her mom is super-fun!)

  • In some ways, babysitting the two of them without either of my girls home is easier...I hadn't realized just how loud The Boy and the Pixie could be, or just how much they were behaving like squabbling siblings towards the end of the last school year. My afternoons are definitely quieter, and The Boy now spends his time talking to me....which is always a hoot! (He's 3...and talkative....and as cute as a button!)

  • Then again, the half hour they all have here to play after we pick the girls up in the afternoon is insane! May have to figure out a plan to get them to all calm down.

  • The other big schedule change is that I am now back in the gym again.

  • I have a new trainer, who I am going to be seeing twice/week through September to help me really get back into the swing of things. She is great at pushing me in just the way I like to be pushed.

  • I was very sore all of last week, which I rather bizarrely loved!

  • I also got one of my full speed interval treadmill workouts in - being good and walking so as not to damage the hip flexor again. (It's healed, but still a bit tender after lengthy workouts.)

  • My BKB and I started walking the trail last week, and have scheduled one workout together/ week. (Literally, we sat down with our calendars on Saturday.) For now we may stick to trail walking - which is great. I don't feel a need to push as hard as I was, and I don't remember the last time I walked the trail with a friend just to walk.

  • The plan: two strength training sessions/week, two strong cardio sessions (most likely walking/running...but I may try a spinning class soon) and one or two 'fun' workouts (walk or bike the trail).

  • There is also a distinct possibility that I'll switch it up a bit more and add some yoga into the mix. I'll be honest...I need the relaxation part.

And on that note, I need to get my day started.

Have a great week everyone!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

Love these pictures. Hope your week's going well!