Sunday, August 28, 2011

More On The Blanket

  • My creative life has been centered around the Scrapbook Blanket for the last week....good for my heart and soul, bad for the blog.

  • I love to look at all of the yarn!

  • Some stats: The blanket will be about 20 x 30 squares, which will make it big enough to cover my queen-sized bed, draping over the edges just a smidge. As of last night I had 307 squares done, or 27%. All in all, there will be 1,151 squares...meaning I have 844 to go.

  • I haven't hit the point yet where I'm fussing too much and need to put the blanket away.

  • I *might* add in single squares of the sock yarns in my stash.

  • Actually, that's a *probably*

  • While technically I have enough yarn to do the entire blanket now, variety is still a concern, so I am going to continue to collect and add yarn.

  • To explain - I have roughly 100 different yarn balls in the basket, and many of the smaller ones will only yield another 1 - 3 squares, leaving me to rely more heavily on the larger balls as we go. I don't want to get to the top 1/3 of the blanket and find that I have considerably fewer options up there than I did at the bottom of the blanket.

  • Given that, I have started to edit my palette a bit. I pulled solid colors which were over represented, and may pull the few yarns that I just don't like.

  • The odd thing about that is that even if I don't like the yarn, it may look fabulous in the maybe I won't.

  • I've found that it's really important to be able to lay the blanket out on the kitchen table so that I can step back and make sure the color/large block placement is remaining random. The blanket is rapidly nearing a time when that won't be possible, though, and I'm a bit concerned about what I'm going to do when that happens!

  • Speaking of the large squares - sort of - I'm shooting for 15-20 of them, many of them representing people in my life.

  • I do have about 1/5 skeins of the yarn I'm going to use for the i-cord edging. I might go ahead and start adding that on soon. I dread i-cord, and the edging is thus a daunting task. I don't want to leave it all to the end...because honestly if I do the blanket might never be finished!

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A Day That is Dessert said...

The photo of the yarn together is very compelling!