Sunday, March 27, 2011


First, a wee bit of stash enhancement - thanks to True Blue Fiber Friends. I had no intention to buy any more sock yarn, BUT when the opportunity to gain a whole bunch of store credit arose I decided to spend it on this happy bunch. (I had an old skein of ugly what-was-I-thinking silk laceweight that I traded in. They needed it so that knitters preparing for a lace knit-along could swatch and practice with silk. There will be more on that later.)

From left to right - Frog Tree Pediboo, Dream In Color Smooshy and Ellen's Half-Pint Merino. There has been no change on Fiesta Feet since last we met. Half way through the first one I knew these were potentially going to take all year. No Worries! I did start another pair of Opal Memory basic socks. Why? I simply cannot exist without a basic pair of socks on the needles. It comes in handy in so many ways! Besides the pink is beyond gorgeous.
My March socks have stalled a wee bit. (Scent of Lavender) No reason, I just got distracted by the shawl I showed you the other day. I still should be able to finish them by the end of the month to stay on track.
I did take a moment to do my mini's for the two most recently completed pairs of socks. I have realized that the most important thing is to preserve the yarn - and not the pattern - so I may give up trying to translate the difficult patterns into miniature.

Next up - Cookie A's Monkeys. Those of you who are knitters will understand how odd it is that I - a dedicated sock knitter - have never tried a pair. There's a reason for that. The original pattern is done in a gauge that is too loose for my liking. When Cookie A. republished the pattern with new sizes (in her new book Knit.Sock.Love.) I rejoiced. Monkeys would be mine at last! And because I am in a mood...I'm shooting for TWO PAIR this month! Note - the sock yarn on the left is the brand new skein from above, and the sock yarn on the right has been in the stash forever. It's just good balance.


Kelley said...

OMG! I am planning on casting on my first pair of Fiesta Socks this week. Even though you have stalled a bit, it was great to see someone I know knitting them.

Shelda said...

That Pediboo is flippin' GORGEOUS! I am now officially jealous ;)