Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jan and Janet

The turquoise ball of sock yarn on the right came from Jan, a guild friend who we unfortunately don't see that often. (She's a lot of fun!) Once upon a time Jan and I attended a knitting class taught by a very well known authoress and teacher who proved to be one of the most cantankerous women we've ever met. (Seriously...when asked which knitting teachers she had learned from, she informed us that she didn't believe in learning from others because you got too much of their own opinions. Instead, you should get your info from books.) We laugh about it each time we see each other.
The rust colored ball on the left comes from Janet, who is one of our regular crowd at our monthly guild meetings. Janet is amazing, and she has a collection of handspun/handknit sweaters that is to die for! As I sit here thinking about it, it seems as if she has so many that I rarely see the same one twice..... (Fun fact - Janet's husband taught my parents how to shear sheep a couple of weeks ago! When I was home last weekend, they raved all weekend about how wonderful the man was.) The poor woman is probably tired of hearing me go on about my sheep - but she's my resident expert, and I love talking to her about all things woolly.

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