Friday, March 18, 2011

The Power In A Name

I have read entirely too many fairy tales to indiscriminately name my new cat.

I know better.

Names, after all, have power.

My children think I'm nuts because I won't "Just pick a name already, Mom." (Imagine much rolling of the eyes accompanying this statement.) My husband insists on calling the cat by the leading contender just because he's tired of 'kitty kitty.' Clearly, none of them understand

At any rate, here are some of the options and their pros and cons. I've promised to pick something by the end of the day....but then I've promised that for the last few days.
  • Jane (as in Austin and Yolen...two literary heros of mine) Problem - my SIL's name is Jane, and I'd really prefer not to duplicate family/friend names.
  • Meg (Murry O'Keefe) Madeleine (L'Engle) is way too long for an animal and I've always held Meg close to my heart. The kids hate it.
  • Cleo(patra) Excellent choice as it carries the weight of generations upon generations of queenly cats...but for the wee fact that my BKB also has a Cleo.
  • Yarn Ball. Not seriously, but it has already become a nickname.
  • Charlotta Bella - Lottie Bell for short. One of my ancestresses, and I've always loved the music of her name. It's not quite dignified enough, though.
  • Jillly (Coppercorn) I've always wanted to bestow that name to a dog, though. Something about Charles De Lint's fabulous character that needs the sweetness of a dog.
  • Sorcha - Juliet Marillier's matriarch of the Sevenwaters clan. This is my favorite thus far.
  • Other literary ideas I've tossed about have included George (Elliot) any of the Bronte sisters and (Lousia) May (Alcott).
  • May could also be for my Great-Grandmother. Would that be weird? No matter, the dog's nickname is Mea, which is too close.
  • She's vocal, so I've considered names from Glee.
  • I've also considered names from yarn companies - like Opal or Claudia.
  • A friend suggested Starbuck as I spend so much time there...ha ha.
  • She also suggested naming the cat after some of my sweets that I can no longer have - Mocha or Caramel or something of that nature. This would irritate me.
  • I loved my Tynan's Irish name, and St. Pats was this wee, so I hit the internet yesterday and reminded myself of a few favorites - Maeve being just one. Just for fun, check out this website which has recordings of Frank McCourt pronouncing the names as they should be

What a decision!


DeeDee said...

Lottie or Cleo!

fleegle said...

Thanks for your kind comments...sorry about the Green Woman's bullying!


A Day That is Dessert said...

I'm sure whatever you choose will be great!

I love Cleo; also love the idea of an irish name.

Anonymous said...

How about Purl?