Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Socks...And A Bit Of Random

Ann Budd's Basic Sock Recipe
Opal Memory 2490
2.0 mm Knit Picks Harmony
July 1, 2010 - March 19, 2011
These were my mindless knitting project, kept in the background for random times when I needed something easy to work on. That's why it took so long to finish them!
I would like to add that I NEVER attempt to match the stripes on self-striping sock yarn. I prefer to conserve yarn and have mismatched socks. I think it's more fun that way, and am therefor completely kerflumoxed that I managed to accidentally knit matching socks. Weird.
  • Drumroll, please.....
  • I named my cat Opal after my favorite brand of sock yarn! (Honestly, it's the only brand of yarn I consistently return to.)
  • Also, she's a torty, and her colors remind me of the layered, mottled look of opals - which have long been a favorite gem of mine.
  • My husband thinks this is great because he can still call her 'Yarn Ball' and be accurate.
  • To arrive at this decision, I took my top three names and tried them out last weekend. Opal is the one that ultimately felt right and stuck!
  • Opal is oddly camera shy. Every time she sees the camera come out she takes off....so I'm still working on getting some good pictures of her.
  • What I haven't told you is that we also got a kitten for the Princess. She's about four months old and her name is Shamrock. Pictures are forthcoming for her as well, and when I have them I'll share the story of how we wound up with two new cats.
  • Tomorrow we will be discussing the sheep and what I'm doing with the wool. It will be fun!
  • After buying a copy of War & Peace for a read-along, I wish that I could just buy my iPad right now. It certainly would have weighed less!
  • I've started regular sessions with my acupuncturist again.
  • Amazing how much that helps!
  • Lynn is better than a therapist in some ways...and she always leaves me with something to think about.
  • A big shout out to my allergist this AM...last week I started to get sick with my traditional spring allergies. It only lasted 48 hours, though, and then disappeared almost completely. Usually I'm sick for 2-3 weeks. Those drops really do their work!
  • The Pixie and I are going to ride bikes this morning. Doesn't that sound like fun?!
  • My exercise schedule in general is completely shot right now. I'm going to have to restart after Spring Break.
  • I seem to have lost my drive to run right now. Not sure if it'll come back or not. We'll see.
  • My acupuncturist would really prefer that I found a sport/activity that was less troublesome for my joints.
  • Hmmm....

It's too nice of a day to stay on the computer any longer!


Paula said...

Wonderful name for a cat! One of our sons has said that the next time he gets a dog he will wait a while before naming him/her so the name fits the dog better.

Anne said...

Great socks! I can totally see those being a go-to pair!

Jenny said...

Welcome, Opal! She's really pretty.