Sunday, December 5, 2010

We'll Blame It On The Sheep

As the Green Woman and I are expecting four beautiful fleeces come mid-March, we knew we had to have a plan in place to prepare for them. After all, I owe at least one handspun, handknit sweater to my dad for Christmas next year!

SO, to that end I've decided that I need to spin up all of my fiber stash by the end of March. Yes, yes, I can hear some of you gasping over that statement. Let's look at what it really involves, though. My fiber stash includes:

  1. 2 4oz. braids of merino-tencel Roving in "Rosewood" from Greenwood Fiberworks.

  2. 2 4 oz. braids of the same fiber in "Sherwood Forest".

  3. 2 4 oz. braids of merino roving in "Watercolors" also from Greenwood Fiberworks.

  4. 4.2 oz. of merino/tussah (80/20) blended Jelly Roll batts from Giggle Jelly.

  5. 16 oz. of Ashland Bay merino in "Sage" from The Yarnbarn.

  6. 8. oz. of Suri/silk, from the Yarnbarn.

  7. 2 4 oz. merino-tencel Going Bonkers rovings in "Dragonfly", from the YarnBarn.

  8. 5 4 oz. merino-tencel Going Boners rovings in "Funky Green", from the Yarnbarn.

  9. 4.1 oz. sock blend batt in "Dirty Martini" from Butterfly Girl Designs.

  10. 3.3 oz. bamboo batt in "Chocolate on My Blue Silk Dress" also from Butterfly Girl.

  11. 4 oz. tussah silk top from Hillcreek Fiber Studio.

  12. 6. oz. merino-tencel braid in 'Neapolitan" from Zarzuela's Fibers.

  13. 7.4 oz merino/silk batts in greens/yellows from All The Pretty Fibers.

  14. 4.4 oz. silk/merino top in purples/golds from Hedgehog Fibers.

  15. 2 3.5 oz. braids of shetland/silk (80/20) in "Weilansia Forest" from The Thylacine.

  16. 2.86 oz. mulberry silk in "Stem to Leaf" from No Two Snowflakes.

Let's see...that's a total of 119.26 oz. or 7.45 lbs.

That's doable.

PS. I also have a fleece I bought from a friend a couple of years ago and some Giant Angora wool leftover from my long-ago days of showing rabbits. I'm going to have the two blended, but until I do I'm not worrying about it.

PPS. I'm also not worrying about the reject fibers - things which I've changed my mind about. There aren't many, and most of them have been turned over to the Princess.


Anne said...

That actually looks like a really fun, varied list. You'll have a ball with it, I suspect. :)

Kelley said...

In your defense. If you had had the sheep earlier, you wouldn't have been compensating for your natural inclination to be a shepherd.

I do admire your organizational skills.

A Day That is Dessert said...

As Kelley mentioned above, you sound very organized!