Friday, December 3, 2010

Another One Goes Home

Last week I had the very great pleasure of mailing off one of my shawls to it's forever home. As I've mentioned before, sometimes my shawls just tell me who they want to live with. Often this happens as soon as they are off of the needles and happily blocking in the living room, but once in a while - as with this particular piece - it takes a great while for the shawl to whisper its wishes to me. It's a funny thing....that voice is very hard to ignore, and it's always right.
I mailed the shawl off last week to live with my friend Lecia, who's blog is one you should definitely get to know if you don't already. Though I've never met her in person (although I hope to do so in the not so different future because family circumstances will hopefully make it possible for me to visit), she's been one of the bright spots in my difficult year.
I think she and the shawl are a perfect match.
Another one has gone home, and this knitter's heart is glad.


margene said...

The shawl is so beautiful it deserves to be in the hands/home of a very dear friend.

A Day That is Dessert said...

Thank you again, Kristin. Words cannot express what a special gift this was, how beautiful it is. I'll have to get my husband to take a picture of it on me. xoxo

Paula said...

Beautiful shawl, beautiful gift. Will check out her blog.