Monday, December 13, 2010

Random News And Thoughts

Look at these faces! How could you not love them?!

Christmas Time Is Here!
  • I am almost done with my Christmas shopping! Yay!
  • As many of you know, my Christmas shopping took a bit of a turn last week when I came home with not two, but THREE Guinea Pigs.
  • As I've said, it's completely normal for an almost 37-year-old woman to want her own Guinea Pig.
  • His name is Rufus Beauregard Frazier IV, and he is the dude in the middle of that photo with the crazy hair.
  • And I love him.
  • The G Pigs are hiding in my husband's office, which we are keeping locked. We're also trying to keep the kids out of the basement because the wee creatures can be quite vocal.
  • So far, so good.
  • I think I understand now how excited my parents were about the sheep secret!
  • We're still trying to decide what to do about Christmas cards.
  • For the last few years we've gone the easy way with photo cards. Our family photo, however, was delayed this year because of the Pixie's little argument with my parents' sidewalk, which left road rash on her face. It's finally almost healed up, but there's no way we can get the photos taken in time.
  • Perhaps New Year's cards? Again....
  • The G Pigs have rendered the question of where we are going to be for Christmas moot, and I - for one - am glad. It's been a headache for years.
  • Funny, when my brother and I were little my parents put their foot down and insisted that Christmas was always going to be at home.....when we tried to make the same decision it caused an annual family meltdown that makes me want to move to Alaska.
  • Sigh.

The Green Woman would like you to know:
  • The girls' sweaters are blocking in my bedroom right now!
  • I chose to wait until after they were blocked for the embroidery...figured that was a safe thing to I do have a bit to add to each tomorrow.
  • Also, I still need to go buy zippers.
  • In the meantime, I am happily working on my first pair of socks for the sock project....and they are going to be doozies! It's like knitting a circus!
  • I'm also going to take a bit of a knitting break and spin something pretty this afternoon. I need to get moving, after all, if I'm going to spin up my stash before shearing time!
  • Which reminds me - I may also be getting some angora soon. The woman who sold me my first French angoras way back when - and who also mentored me during my years of rabbit shows - has offered to send me some. (She doesn't spin.) Very exciting!
  • The Green Woman and I have been reading Margene's Blog with great interest lately. She's been showing off her needlepoint, and we are fascinated with the texture!
  • No, I don't NEED another craft. No, I don't have easy access to needlepoint anyway (the closest store is two hours away!). However, I am thinking about it. I may see if I can take a class in the summer just to try it out.
  • Sometimes I wonder, though, if I'm not more in love with the idea of needlework as opposed to the process of actually doing needlework.
  • Which is why I'm not rushing in!
  • One other thing....I think after Christmas I'm finally going to get to work sewing together my quilt. I don't want that hanging over my head any longer!

Health News:

  • I still have a cough.
  • It stinks.
  • I am eating lots of orange foods today....carrots, clementine's, sweet potato.....

Family News:

  • The Princess attended her first Piano Studio last Friday. She wasn't called upon to actually perform - having only been in lessons for a month or so - but she did have a really good time!
  • I'm all about her piano experiences being FUN!
  • The Pixie refuses to wear anything but a swimsuit or a tank top and shorts when we are home. This despite the fact that we keep the thermostat set around 69.
  • Brrr....
  • The girls and I are reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever together before bed every night, and we are all really enjoying both the book (an annual tradition for me) as well as the together time.
  • We'll definitely have to move on to other books when this one is done. It's something I've wanted to do forever, but for some reason it just never happened.
  • My husband humors me every year by growing a beard. He's threatening to shave it in the next couple of days.
  • Boo.

And that's about all I know.

Have a great week everyone!


Paula said...

Those little piggies are definitely cuties. Can't wait to see the girls' in their new sweaters.

Needlepoint. Dont go there.
A person can only handle so many passions.

margene said...

You have your hands full, but I understand the draw of a new craft. On the upside, and in an historic sense, needlepoint will be around much longer than knitting. Maybe start with a simple Christmas ornament and see if you like it.